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Privacy Statement Student Portal & Nestor

This document describes the privacy policy for the Student Portal and Nestor, and is an addition to the University’s overall privacy statement.

Student Portal

The Student Portal is a gateway which provides the end-user with access to all the information that is available. These pages consists of modules which show static or dynamically generated data from several sources. The Student Portal is hosted in the same environment as the Nestor environment and is powered by Blackboard software.


Nestor is the environment where the online part of education takes place. Lecturers and students exchange information, exams are administered and more advanced educational processes are supported. Nestor is powered by Blackboard software. 

Blackboard user activity logging

Blackboard logs all user activity. It stores for example a user identifier, the exact requested page, IP address and a datetime. This information is used to analyse performance, provide support, track possible malfunctions and to investigate potential fraudulent actions.

The information is stored for a duration of a maximum of 5 years, after which the information will be pseudonymised.


All data is stored in a secure and properly certified datacenter located in Amsterdam.

Third party services

Nestor uses several third party services. Theses services are necessary for a continuous and proper education. These services are for educational purposes such as, but not limited to, detect plagiarism and peer reviews. WIth each third party, the university has a data processing agreement.

Cookie Policy

Functional & technical cookies

Functional and technical cookies are necessary for the normal functioning and proper performance of Nestor. Such cookies are used for example for: login sessions, (language) preferences.

Analytical cookies

Nestor uses analytical cookies to provide a better user experience. With analytical cookies, we can detect malfunctions, (client side) performance issues and improper user experience.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is part of Google, Inc. The Student Portal uses content from the general content management system of the university. This system uses Google Analytics. Therefore, on the Student Portal, some modules may load Google Analytics.

More information about how Google Analytics uses cookies can be found HERE.

New Relic

New Relic is a performance monitoring service. It collects error reports and tracks browser performance within Nestor. More information of how New Relic uses cookies can be found HERE.

Other third-party cookies

Due to the nature of having end-users creating content, we cannot control everything users do. Users can load limited carefully selected third-party content providers. These providers can set cookies on their own, which we cannot control. Examples of such providers are Vimeo and Youtube.