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Using the Schedule Generator (rooster.rug.nl)

Using the Schedule Generator

The Schedule Generator (found at http://rooster.rug.nl) is the place where you can view your schedule if you cannot use the My Personal Timetable module on Nestor. This could be the case if you are an exchange student or if you are instructor at the Faculty of Medical Sciences. However, using My Personal Timetable is preferable because it pre-selects your courses for you based on your enrolments, saving you time and effort.

Using the Schedule Generator you can combine schedules for different courses and programmes quickly and easily. You can then import the schedule you created into your Google Calendar or Outlook Agenda, to keep up-to-date with the latest changes.

This new version of the Schedule Generator offers a cleaner overview of your schedule and improved mobile compatibility.

Searching for courses

When you go to http://rooster.rug.nl, courses will be selected by default. You can optionally select a faculty to search, and then start typing a course name to get a list of corresponding course names:


Select a course to see its schedule. Click the green checkmark or course title to remove a course from your schedule. Optionally, you can click Customize to select which groups and items you want to see:

Searching for programmes

You can search for entire programmes by clicking the "Programmes" button. You can optionally select a faculty to search, and then start typing a programme name to get a list of corresponding programmes:

Just like with courses, you can select a programme from the list of matching results to see the schedule for that programme. Click the checkmark to remove a programme from your schedule. By clicking Customize you can filter out certain activities that are not applicable for you:

By clicking the Schedule button you will change the overview of selected items from a list to periodic schedule. You can change the presented time period using the buttons on either side of the date specification.


Schedules for staff members

In order to access your schedule as a staff member, you will first need to log in.

Once logged in, you can access your schedule by clicking Staff and searching for your name.


Using your schedule with your own device/application

After you have prepared your schedule you can use your preferred device (Android or iPhone) or calendar application (such as Google Calendar or Outlook) to view your schedule and keep up with changes. Note that it is possible that you need to repeat the steps described below for multiple devices and/or applications. In order to use your schedule on your device and/or application, you will need the iCal-URL of your custom schedule. Click the iCal Export button and select the types and range to include. Click Copy iCal-URL to copy the link to your clipboard.

Importing your schedule in Google Calendar

As a student at the RUG you have access to Google Calendar via your student number. Click the menu next to "Other calendars" and select "Add by URL":

In the menu that pops up, paste the link that you copied from the Schedule Generator and click "Add Calendar". You now have added your schedule to your Google Calendar:

Importing your schedule in Outlook

Make sure you have copied the iCal-URL as shown above. Open Outlook and click the "Open Calendar" button in the Ribbon, then select "From Internet":

In the pop-up that opens, paste the iCal-URL which you have copied before:

Click OK after pasting. A second pop-up will open. Here you can verify you have copied the correct iCal-URL. Click "Yes" to add your custom schedule to Outlook: